Twins at three months. 😍

Maya and Micaela were born via scheduled C-section. I remember being amazed at the speed of it all - I was called into the OR once Cesi was prepped, and just a few short minutes later I heard Maya’s first beautiful cries, followed closely by confirmation that Mica was out, too.

Apologies for the delay in posting, it turns out twins are a real handful. :) Stories (and drama!) will follow, but for now, here’s the announcement pic.

The twins are here! We arrived home from the hospital last night with two incredible little miracles. Pictures and stories to follow.

Just came back from the final ultrasound before Wednesday’s C-section, and all looks good! Now to take a COVID test.

We’re waiting on the results of a blood test to be sure, but Cesi is showing signs of ICP, a liver disorder I think is more common with twins. If the test is positive, we’ll be scheduling a C section for… next week! Another reminder not to hold onto our plans too tightly.

Back to twin prep after a few weeks of silence - Cesi and I were holed up with COVID, but everyone is back in good health, thank God. We splurged a bit on a light fixture for the nursery, and I love how it turned out. Just need a dimmer switch.

Taking advantage of the gorgeous Chicago weather to snap a few week 31 pregnancy pics.

Today was Cesi’s week 30 ultrasound. Both mom and babies are healthy, thank God! The twins are almost 4lbs each and went nuts during the ultrasound, so no good pictures this time. When they move, we can distinguish hands from feet pressed on her stomach, which is super weird!

One fun thing about twins: If you love IKEA furniture, you get to build two of everything!

We packed the hospital bags tonight. Current pandemic rules in our hospital state that if I (Alex) leave, I can’t come back, so we have some added pressure to be thorough!

I wrote a new blog post recapping what we’ve been through so far in our twin pregnancy, all the way back to the first (very surprising) ultrasound appointment. Less than two months to go!

Realized the last picture was cropped, here’s a close-up on her supremely stylish new footwear.

Cesi in her winter pregnancy gear. She resisted Crocs for weeks but finally gave in!

Although we have our main site at, writing long-form posts is pretty time consuming, which means there’s usually a gap of a few months between posts. But, we both want a place to record and share the little daily memories in our twin pregnancy journey and beyond, so we’re going to give this microblogging thing a shot! Here we go…